File Viewers and Plug-in Information

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Viewing/Downloading Documents

Microsoft Office Files

  • MS Word: Documents formatted in Microsoft word processing software. Plugin needed: Microsoft Word Viewer.
  • MS Excel Format: Spreadsheets. Plugin needed: Microsoft Excel Viewer.
  • MS PowerPoint: Slide show presentations. Plugin needed: Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007.
  • MS Windows Media Viewer: A tool for inspecting the contents of files such as .asf, .wma, .wmv, and .mp3 files. Plugin needed: Windows Media Player. Accessibility note: In order to see the captions in Windows Media Player you will need to turn on the captions feature.


An accessible alternative to the Microsoft file viewer. For MS accessibility options go to the OpenOffice website.

PDF (Portable Document Format)

A universal file format that preserves the look and layout of a printed document. These files are accessible through the free Acrobat Reader viewer published by Adobe. Select this file type if you want to print a copy of the document. PDF files cannot be edited electronically. For PDF accessibility options go to The newest version of Acrobat Reader has the ability to read documents aloud.

HTML or HTM (HyperText Markup Language)

The web versions of documents, complete with hyperlinks to referenced information, as available. Use these files if you want to read the document online with your browser.

Watching/Listening to Audio and Video Media

MOV (Quicktime Video Files)

Video files on the web. You must have a recent version of Quicktime or RealPlayer to play these files. The Quicktime Player is available from Apple's Download Center, and RealPlayer is available from Real's Web site.

MP3 (Audio Files)

Audio files on the web. You must have a recent version of RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to play these files. The RealPlayer is available from Real's Web site and the Window's Media Player is available from Microsoft's Download Center.

RM, RMVB (Real Audio/Video)

Audio and video files on the web. You must have a recent version of RealPlayer to play these files. The player is available from Real's Web site.

SWF (Flash)

Adobe (previously Macromedia) Flash files. You must have a recent version of the Adobe Flash Player.

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