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Consolidated Waiver Program

General Information

The Consolidated Waiver Program (CWP) provides home and community-based services to people who are eligible for care in a Nursing Facility or Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with anIntellectual Disability or Related Conditions (ICF/IID).



Note: Rate Analysis staff can assist you with questions concerning only payment rates for the specified program. They are not able to answer other types of questions, such as the status of payment for services rendered or questions involving eligibility for care services.

Information regarding this program can be found on the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) website.

If you have questions regarding Consolidated Waiver Program payment rates, please contact the appropriate person on the Contacts List..



The Consolidated Waiver Program (program-specific) Cost-Finding Methodology is located at Title 1 of the Texas Administrative Code, Part 15, Chapter 355, Subchapter E, Rule 506.

Cost Determination Process Rules applicable to the Consolidate Waiver Program are located at Title 1 of the Texas Administrative Code, Part 15, Chapter 355, Subchapter A, Rules 101-111.

Rules pertaining to the maintenance of contractor records for the Consolidated Waiver Program are located at Title 40 of the Texas Administrative Code, Part 1, Chapter 69, Subchapter K, Rule 158.


Payment Rate Information

Effective September 1, 2011 to Current
Effective February 1, 2011
Effective September 1, 2010
Effective June 1, 2010
Effective October 1, 2009
Effective September 1, 2009
Effective August 1, 2009
Effective January 1, 2009
Effective August 1, 2008
Effective March 1, 2008
Effective September 1, 2007
Effective August 1, 2007
Effective January 1,2007
Effective January 1, 2006
Effective September 1, 2005
Effective January 1, 2005
Effective September 1, 2004
Effective January 1, 2004
Effective September 1, 2003
Effective September 1, 2001 thru August 31, 2003


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Updated: May 20, 2013