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Uncompensated Care Reporting Tools


The intent of the Texas Medicaid Waiver Application (“UC Application”) is to provide a simplified way to subsidize the costs incurred by hospitals and physicians for patient care services (as further defined below) provided to Medicaid and Uninsured patients that are not reimbursed through the claims adjudication process or by other supplemental payments. All UC payments to providers and all expenditures described as UC permissible expenditures must not exceed the cost of services provided to Medicaid and Uninsured patients as defined and discussed in this protocol. These unreimbursed Medicaid and Uninsured costs are determined based on one of two UC tools depending on the type of entity providing the service. These tools have been approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). To the extent that there are UC expenditures a hospital provider wants to make against the UC cost limit, and the methodology for capturing such expenditures is not stated in this protocol, the expenditures must be approved by CMS prior to the submission of the reconciliation for the applicable period for the expenditures. Read more…


Note: Rate Analysis staff can assist you with questions concerning only payment rates for the specified services. They are not able to answer other types of questions, such as the status of payment for services rendered or questions involving eligibility for care services.

Providers may submit questions regarding the UC tools by e-mail to

Questions regarding DSRIP should be emailed to

Questions regarding DSRIP payments should be emailed to

Methodology / Rules

The Hospital Services program rules are located at Title 1 of the Texas Administrative Code, Part 15, Chapter 354, SubChapter A, Division 6.

Reimbursement rules applicable to Hospitals are located at Title 1 of the Texas Administrative Code, Part 15, Chapter 355, SubChapter J, Division 4.

The Waiver Payment program rules are located at Title 1 of the Texas Administrative Code, Part 15, Chapter 355, SubChapter J, Division 11.

Uncompensated Care (UC)

2014 Uncompensated Care Payment Schedule

Please note that payment dates below are tentative. HHSC will communicate the actual payment dates to providers as the dates approach.

August 18, 2014- HHSC will begin sending out tools to providers/HSL appeal period begins.
September 19, 2014-Final date for providers to submit actual HSL data appeal.
September 30, 2014- All Tools due back to HHSC by 5:00 PM
November 2014-Advance DSH Payment
December 2014-Advance UC Payment
April 2015- Final 2014 DSH Payment
May 2015- Final DY 3 UC Payment

DSH/UC Tools Information

For additional guidance on completing the UC application, please review the documents below:

UC Tool Applications


Contact Rate Analysis

Send email to Rate Analysis

Updated: March 4, 2016