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May 7, 2012

Considerate Nature, ‘Old-School’ Grace Defined DFPS’ Terry Timmerman

Terry Timmerman

Terry Timmerman, 57, an administrative assistant for DFPS Child Protective Services in Wichita Falls, died April 22 of cancer.

Timmerman was an 18-year veteran of state service, including the past six with DFPS. She previously worked for HHSC and the Texas Department of Human Services.

Jill Penney, a colleague and close friend, described Timmerman as “an extremely generous person who loved to entertain, to play the role of hostess. Terry always hosted her unit’s Christmas party, and they were wonderful, elegant affairs. You were really lucky if you happened to be in her unit. And even if you weren’t attached to a particular unit, she often would invite you to their parties anyway because she didn’t want you to be left out.”

Supervisor Marilyn Morgan fondly remembered a unit luncheon that Timmerman hosted for the entire building’s staff. “Terry ensured it was a true Italian feast, complete with baskets filled with fruit, silverware wrapped in napkins and soft Italian music playing in the background. For Terry, everything had to be ‘fabulous’; it was her favorite word.”

Morgan added, “Terry was a tremendous team player and volunteered to do many things around the office like take shifts at the hospital with a sick foster child or take shifts at the office when we had children spending the night in the office due to no placements.”

Penney said the desire to make life better for others was Timmerman’s defining trait. “Terry just enjoyed taking care of people in every way. If you were working on a task of your own, she was able to anticipate what you might need — information, reports or whatever — and send it to you without even having to be asked.

“Terry was unique. I almost feel that we should just take down her cubicle and not replace it, because there’s no way to replace someone like her.”