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August 24, 2009

Microsoft Office for Under $10? Such a Deal!

For a couple of years in the Employee Questions and Answers, we’ve been telling employees how to purchase and use at home the same Microsoft Office programs they use at work — for just $19.95 plus tax.

Then recently, when researching why one of our employees was getting an error message logging in at the Microsoft Home Use Program website, we learned that the price has gone down to $9.95.

We figure that warranted a move from the Q and A to the front page of The Connection.

Here’s the deal: As part of the Enterprise Subscription Agreement between Microsoft and HHSC, most health and human services employees are eligible to participate in two Microsoft programs — the Home Use Program and the Employee Purchase Program.

Home Use Program

Employees may order, install and use on a home PC a licensed copy of some of the Microsoft Office desktop programs that they are licensed for at work. These include Access, Excel, Groove, InfoPath, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, Publisher and Word. The agreement authorizes the employee to order a licensed copy of Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 for $9.95 plus tax. The price includes license and product key. (If you want a backup DVD, it’s an additional $12.)

Microsoft 2008 for Mac also is available for $9.95.

You may use Home Use Program software as long as you are employed by a health and human services agency. The software license compliance is your responsibility and not the responsibility of your agency.

WebMail users at state supported living centers are not eligible for this program because they are not licensed for Microsoft Office products at work.

Employee Purchase Program

Employees may purchase some of Microsoft’s consumer software and hardware at discounted prices for their home PCs. This offering includes products such as Windows Vista, the Zune MP3 player plus accessories, Xbox accessories, software how-to books, and some games and hardware.

In addition to a program code for purchase, you also will need to establish a Windows Live ID or Passport account and password to have access to the Employee Purchase Program website.

What You  Need to Know to Get Started

For more information, see the Home Use Program Common Questions, Employee Purchase Program Common Questions and system requirements.

For instructions and required agency program codes, click here. Make sure you follow each step as written. If you don’t sign up from your office computer or if you enter any e-mail other than your work e-mail (jane.doe@hhsc.state.tx.us), for example, it won’t accept you.