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Sometimes it’s hard to find time to plan meals or buy healthy foods on a budget. For help, check out our “Eat Healthy” web pages. These pages have tips for planning meals, shopping on a budget, and healthy recipes.

HHSC Submits 2016-17 Budget Request

HHSC has submitted its Legislative Appropriations Request for fiscal years 2016-17. The agency’s base request totals $58.8 billion. The agency also is seeking additional funding for cost growth in Medicaid and CHIP and to make some operational improvements.

Health and Human Services System Strategic Plan

The latest strategic plan for the state’s health and human services system includes each agency’s goals for 2015-2019.

HHSC Seeks Comment on Social Services Block Grant Report

HHSC seeks public comment on the Intended Use Report for federal Title XX funds (PDF), also known as the Social Services Block Grant. This report shows how the funds received through the 2015 Title XX block grant for the program year may be used in Texas and explains how Title XX social services may be provided. Please submit any comments to by August 28.

Openings Available for the Medical Care Advisory Committee

HHSC is accepting applications and seeking nominations for appointment to the Medical Care Advisory Committee, which advises the State Medicaid Director on policies regarding Medicaid eligibility, medical services, and administrative policies. For more information and to apply visit the MCAC web page.  The application deadline is August 29.

Who Do You Trust to Go With Your Child?

Parents or guardians who are not able to go with their children on rides to Medicaid-related visits to the doctor, dentist, or therapist must fill out a Parent Authorization Form (PDF) and send it in. The form identifies which adults are authorized by the parent to go with the child on rides to Medicaid-related health visits when the parent can’t make the trip. The adult selected by the parent cannot be a provider, an employee of the provider or paid by the provider. If you have questions or need a form sent to you, please call the Medical Transportation Program at 1-877-633-8747.

Remember, if you set up a ride through the Medical Transportation Program, the adult must be present when the child is picked up and dropped off. That person must show a photo ID to the driver and sign the driver's log.

Nursing Home Transition to STAR+PLUS Moved to 2015

To allow more time to address stakeholder concerns, HHSC has postponed moving nursing facility residents into STAR+PLUS Medicaid managed care to March 1, 2015. HHSC will continue working with stakeholders to ensure a successful transition. HHSC is hosting a series of information sessions on several Medicaid managed care initiatives. Visit the Expansion of Medicaid Managed Care for more information, including frequently asked questions, timelines and maps.

Apply Online for Texas Women’s Health Program

The Texas Women’s Health Program provides low-income women with family planning services, related health screenings, and birth control. Women can now apply online at the Women’s Health Program website.

Information for grandparents raising grandkids

HHSC has a new booklet about the benefits available to grandparents raising their grandchildren. The booklet is available at HHSC benefit offices throughout the state and can be downloaded and printed using your computer. Download the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren brochure (PDF)

You can report suspected waste, fraud or abuse in health and human services programs to the HHSC Office of Inspector General online or by calling 800-436-6184. You may also make a report to the Texas State Auditor's Office by calling 800-TX-AUDIT.

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