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Office of Acquired Brain Injury

neurons in the brain

An acquired brain injury is an injury to the brain that occurs after birth, is non-congenital and non-degenerative and prevents the normal function of the brain. Brain injuries may be mild, moderate or severe and may result in memory loss, change in personality, behavior dysfunction, difficulty managing anger, impaired judgment, loss of impulse control, communication impairment, mobility limitations, alcohol and substance abuse and other challenges. Brain injury is one of the nation’s major public health issues and is the leading cause of death and disability in people under 45.

Non-traumatic brain injury may be caused by stroke, heart attack, near-drowning, brain tumors, infectious diseases, prolonged high temperature, decrease or loss of oxygen to the brain, metabolic disorders such as diabetic coma, and toxic exposure from substances such as lead, pesticides, drug and alcohol abuse.

Traumatic brain injuries result from an external blow or jolt to the head or an injury that disrupts the normal function of the brain. Individuals with brain injuries may be able to walk, maintain their employment and other routine functions, appearing to have nothing wrong despite unseen, sometimes debilitating consequences.

The Office of Acquired Brain Injury was established by the Texas Legislature and serves as the state’s lead department in providing guidance, referrals and service coordination for survivors of brain injuries and their families, including returning combat veterans.

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