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Notice of Rule Change

The Health and Human Services Commission’s (HHSC’s) Rules have changed effective June 17, 2015.  In accordance with the newly adopted rule changes, Title I, Part 15, Chapter 391, Subchapter B, the following sections are applicable to all HHS Request for Proposals (RFPs):

  • §391.201:  HHSC may determine which offers or proposals are within the competitive range and should reasonably be considered for negotiation and possible contract award; and,
  • §391.211, Once HHSC determines the recipient of an award, and has reached agreement with the selected contractors, HHSC will post the relevant information on its website.  

HHSC will no longer posts notices of tentative award for current and future RFPs.  Please direct any questions to the sole point of contact identified in the HHS RFP.  Thank you for your cooperation and assistance during this transition.

HHS Contracts Sorted in Date Order

Click on the procurement title for additional information about that procurement, including proposal requirements, timelines and award announcements. (Closed and awarded RFPs generally remain posted for six months after closed/awarded date.)

Number of RFPs: 47
9/17/2015RFPHHSC529-16-0007Request for Proposals for Texas Medicaid Management Information System TakeoverOpen
8/25/2015RFPDSHS537-16-0128Cost Reporting ServicesAwarded
8/24/2015RFPDFPS530-14-0041ICPC Courtesy Supervision Services in Regions 4 and 5Open
8/21/2015RFPDSHS537-16-0006Texas Healthy Adolescent Initiative Clinic-Based ProgramOpen
8/21/2015RFPDARS538-16-0029Deafness Resource Specialist Services in HHSC Region 2Awarded
8/21/2015RFPDARS538-16-0030Specialized Telecommunications Accessibility Program (STAP) Administrative Support ServicesAwarded
8/21/2015RFPDARS538-16-0013Hearing Loss Resource Specialist Services and Specialized Telecommunications Accessibility Program (STAP) in HHSC Region 2Awarded
8/5/2015RFPDFPS530-15-0009HOPES: Healthy Outcomes through Prevention and Early SupportAwarded
7/20/2015RFIHHSC529-16-141882Managed Care Pilot Provisions for Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesOpen
7/15/2015RFPHHSC529-16-0014Security Guard ServicesAwarded
7/15/2015RFPDFPS530-16-0004Fatherhood: Educating Fathers for Empowering Children Tomorrow (EFFECT)Open
7/2/2015RFPDADS539-16-99719Aging and Disability Resource CentersAwarded
6/25/2015ContractDSHS529-15-0004-TOR-05Every Ounce CountsTentative Award
6/18/2015RFIHHSC529-16-0097Grant Program to Support Community Mental Health Programs For Veterans and Their FamiliesOpen
6/12/2015RFPDSHS537-15-142695Strategic PlanningAwarded
6/10/2015ContractHHSC529-15-0004-TOR-03Healthy Texas WomenTentative Award
6/10/2015ContractHHSC529-15-0004-TOR-01Texas Home Visiting ProgramTentative Award
6/8/2015ContractDADS529-11-0045DADS ADRC Strategic Plan ProjectTentative Award
6/2/2015RFPDADS539-16-97665Relocation ServicesOpen
5/28/2015RFPDSHS537-16-143698Tobacco Cessation ServicesAwarded
5/28/2015RFPDSHS537-16-138770Mental Health Recovery ServicesAwarded
5/26/2015ContractDSHS53700-3-0000010127-39Public Awareness, Education and Communication Services, Release Order #39 for Every Ounce Counts FY15Tentative Award
5/8/2015RFPHHSCE529-15-0024Mail Processing ServicesAwarded
4/29/2015RFPDARS538-16-3000029680Services to Children with Autism, Ages Three through FifteenAwarded
4/14/2015RFPDSHS537-15-141739WIC Storage, Materials Fulfillment and Distribution ServicesOpen
4/6/2015RFPDSHS537-16-141871EMS Local ProjectsOpen
4/1/2015RFPDSHS537-16-142081Primary Health Care ProgramAwarded
3/27/2015RFPDADS539-15-0000094676Intermediate Care Facility ComplianceAwarded
3/23/2015ContractDSHS537-13-0000010127-35Public Awareness, Education and Communications Services Contract for Abstinence-Centered Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Release Order #35Tentative Award
3/16/2015RFPHHSC529-16-0003Nurse Family Partnership Program ServicesAwarded
3/12/2015RFPHHSC10-097-MSSMen's & Women's Forensic UnitsTentative Award
3/3/2015RFIHHSC529-16-2000136877Data Broker ServicesOpen
2/25/2015RFPDADS539-15-96370Training for Faith-Based and Volunteer Respite Care ProgramsAwarded
2/4/2015RFPHHSC13-015-BSHFreezer ReplacementsTentative Award
1/23/2015RFPHHSC529-15-0050Business Process RedesignAwarded
1/13/2015RFPHHSC529-14-0063Consulting Services for Study of Case Management for Children and Pregnant Women ServicesOpen
12/22/2014RFPHHSC529-14-0006Eligibility Support ServicesAwarded
12/9/2014RFPHHSC13-016-RSHElevator Upgrades in Building 563Tentative Award
11/21/2014RFPHHSC529-16-0001Enterprise Data WarehouseOpen
10/13/2014RFPHHSC13-013-VSHLigature Mitigation Multi. Bldgs.Tentative Award
7/9/2014RFPHHSC529-E14-0005Mass NotificationOpen
7/3/2014RFPHHSC529-14-0006Eligibility Support Services (Draft )Open
6/24/2014RFPHHSC10-097-MSSMen's & Women's Forensic UnitsOpen
4/16/2014RFPHHSC529-15-0001STAR HealthTentative Award
1/7/2014RFPHHSC10-005-ASHFire Sprinkler InstallationOpen
4/24/2013RFQHHSC14-001-RFQArchitectural, Engineering, and Environmental for Fiscal 2014 /15 BienniumOpen
3/14/2013RFPHHSC529-12-0077Texas Disaster Case ManagementTentative Award