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Department of Aging and Disability Services

Reduction Options
General Revenue Federal Funds
Item FY 2010 FY 2011 Biennial FY 2010 FY 2011 Biennial
Temporary Hiring Freeze

Salary savings are derived from actual vacancies and savings from filling positions at lower salaries than the position was budgeted for during the first four months of FY 2010. Also includes anticipated savings from a temporary hiring freeze on certain positions implemented January 20, 2010. There are no reductions to salaries in the State Supported Living Centers.

$789,245 $5,595,383 $6,384,628 $1,107,974 $7,854,710 $8,962,684
Reduced Travel

DADS will closely manage travel to meet required needs.

$834,209 $421,352 $1,255,561 $939,131 $474,417 $1,413,548
Reduce Overhead

DADS will closely manage overhead to meet essential needs.

$821,610 $543,304 $1,364,914 $1,358,918 $839,197 $2,198,115
Personal Care Service - Hours Management

DADS is working to ensure greater consistency in the authorization of Personal Assistance Service hours (Primary Home Care, Community Attendant Services, and Community Based Alternatives) for a given condition/situation. Currently, there are wide regional variations in the average hours of service authorized per individual. The focus of this option is on ensuring consistency.

$998,035 $4,998,368 $5,996,403 $2,404,742 $8,756,085 $11,160,827
Utilization Review of Home and Community-Based Services (HSC)

DADS will expand its utilization review efforts in HCS to focus on service areas where limited utilization review currently occurs. This option is in response to the State Auditor's recommendation that DADS review plans of care that exceed service level thresholds established in HCS guidelines.

- $2,000,000 $2,000,000 - $3,503,577 $3,503,577
Total  $3,443,099 $13,558,407 $17,001,506 $5,810,765 $21,427,986 $27,238,751

Note: Excludes rate reductions.