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Texas Medicaid Provider Enrollment

It's EASY......please read

Medicaid Providers:

All providers performing medical services who wish to be eligible for reimbursement for Title XIX (Medicaid) benefits must complete the required Medicaid Provider Enrollment Application forms and, if applicable, enter into a written provider agreement. These forms are supplied by TMHP provider Enrollment Department (opens new window).

Contact TMHP: 

If you have any questions regarding provider enrollment, please call the TMHP Customer Service Department at 1-800-925-9126, and choose Option #1.

Pharmacy Providers:

Pharmacy providers that intend to provide outpatient prescription services as part of the Texas Title XIX Medicaid/CHIP Vendor Drug Program must complete an application for enrollment.  The application and other required forms will be reviewed to ensure that they are completed properly. Please refer to the Medicaid/CHIP Contract Management unit for the required application forms.  Please note that new applications for participation in the Vendor Drug Program will be effective from the date the contract is fully executed by both parties.  Contracts will not be backdated, and pharmacies may only submit claims for dates of service on or after the effective date of the contract.

Contact Contract Management:

Pharmacies with questions about the application and contract process should contact the Medicaid/CHIP Contract Management unit (Kimberly Royal) at 512-491-1429, or the Vendor Drug Pharmacy Resolution Desk at 800-435-4165.

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