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Tools and Guidelines for Regional Healthcare Partnership Participants

RHP Level Potentially Preventable Admissions (PPAs) and Readmissions (PPRs) Data for Calendar Year 2012

PPA and PPR Summary Report (PDF) (12/19/14)

RHP Level PPA Data (Excel) (12/19/14)

RHP Level PPR Data (Excel) (12/19/14)

October DY3 Reporting

Please find links below to October DY3 reporting templates and instructions. Documents marked as pending are being finalized and will be posted as soon as they are available.

  • Category 3

Anchor Administrative Cost Claiming
The documents linked to below will assist with claiming of Anchor administrative costs.

Change Requests (Plan Modification and Technical Change Requests)

HHSC has completed its review of the Round 2 change request submissions, and Myers & Stauffer, the independent assessor, has completed their review of Round 1 change requests that required their secondary review.  HHSC has revised the project narratives and milestones/ metrics workbooks to reflect the Round 1 and Round 2 determinations. See below for the link to the most recent milestones/ metrics workbooks for 3 and 4-year projects with revisions highlighted in green, as well as the most recent versions of the project narratives.  If you have difficulty downloading these files, particularly those in newer versions of Excel (such as those labeled XLSM), please try using a browser other than Internet Explorer.

Please find links to Change Request (Plan Modification and Technical Change Request) instructions and documents below.

Updated DSRIP Protocols

The document below contains the following updated items approved by CMS: 1115 Waiver Standard Terms & Conditions, Program Funding and Mechanics Protocol, RHP Planning Protocol and Anchor Administrative Claiming Protocol.

1115 Waiver STCs, PFM, RHP Planning Protocol, Anchor Admin Claiming

Category 3

The documents below relate to Category 3 and will enable providers to complete the Category 3 Selection Template.  Please note that the previously-posted "Texas Category 3" Excel file has been removed along with the Emergency Department Measures Specifications; all of the necessary Cat 3 information can be found in the Compendium of Category 3 Measures.

New 3-Year DSRIP Projects

Please find links below to the template and guidance for new 3-year DSRIP Projects. Links are included to the revised Category 1 and Category 2 sections of the RHP Planning Protocol to be used for 3-year projects.  HHSC has removed project areas 2.4, 2.5, and 2.8, and project area 1.10 is limited to learning collaborative projects for the 3-year projects.  The revised menu also clarifies and cleans up project metrics and designates the Quantifiable Patient Impact (QPI) metric(s) to be used for each project area.  Category 3 will be revised at a later date and DSRIP providers should continue to follow the original RHP Planning Protocol for 4-year projects.

Phase 4 Regional Folders and Documents:

Please find links below to Phase 4 documents and instructions for review by Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) participants.

Guidance to Regional Healthcare Partnerships (RHPs):

  • Category 4 Guidance (PDF) (posted 10/3/2014)
  • Phase II - FAQs for Completing the Quantifiable Patient Impact Spreadsheets: These QPI FAQs (PDF) (posted 7/15/13) should help answer frequently asked questions about filling out the QPI spreadsheets. Please also remember to read the instructions included in the QPI workbook carefully.
  • Phase II – List of Recommended QPI Metrics by Project Option: HHSC is providing a list of recommended Quantifiable Patient Impact (QPI) metrics (PDF) (posted 7/8/2013) to help guide completion of the QPI spreadsheet in Phase II and future RHP Plan submissions.
  • Summary data for CMS Initial Review Findings: HHSC is providing a list of the initial CMS review (PDF) findings(updated 6/14/2013) for all projects. This document is subject to change as performing providers respond to review guidance.


Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) Planning Protocol

CMS has granted final approval (PDF) of this Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) Planning Protocol document (PDF). This document was updated Oct. 1, 2012, to include minor technical corrections (PDF). The protocol provides the menu of project options approved by HHSC and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that contribute to delivery transformation and quality improvement. The only projects eligible for payments from the DSRIP pool are those contained in this menu that are implemented as outlined in an RHP Plan approved by HHSC and CMS, with corresponding measures, milestones and performance improvement targets. The links below open individual sections of the approved protocol and include the Oct. 1, 2012 technical corrections.

CMS has provided a list of Category 3 Outcomes that will be acceptable for Workforce Projects (posted 11/2/2012).

DSRIP Allocation:

Quality Tools:

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) provides the following information that may be useful to Performing Providers when selecting measures for waiver projects:

  • Tutorial on Quality Measures details the attributes of desirable quality measures, discusses validity of measures, and provides guidance on selecting, applying and interpreting quality measures.

  • Quality and Patient Safety provides links to a variety of tools and toolkits.

National Quality Measures Clearinghouse (NQMC) includes links to the HHS Measures Inventory (a repository of measures currently being used by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) and a database of National Quality Forum (NQF) Endorsed Measures.

Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) Plan Template:

Uncompensated Care Tool:

Please visit the Rate Analysis for Hospital Services website for information regarding the Uncompensated Care Reporting Tools and Transition Payments.

Regional Healthcare Partnership Information:

Other Planning Tools:

Each regional healthcare partnership must submit a plan to HHSC. The following documents are intended to help with the planning process.

Other HHSC Guidelines: