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Tools and Guidelines for Regional Healthcare Partnership Participants

April DY5 Reporting

Please find links below to April DY5 reporting templates and instructions. If you have difficulty downloading these files, particularly those in newer versions of Excel (such as those labeled XLSX), please try using a browser other than Internet Explorer. Documents marked as pending are being finalized and will be posted as soon as they are available.

Quantifiable Patient Impact (QPI)

Category 3

Category 4

Webinar Presentations

Estimated IGT for DY5 Round 1 (XLSX) Please review the yellow highlighted columns for DY5 Round 1 estimated DSRIP payments and DY5 Monitoring IGT. The estimated payments for Categories 1, 2, and 4 are based on the assumption that all milestones reported as achieved in DY5 Round 1 will be approved by HHSC. Category 3 estimated payments are based on Category 3 outcomes that were eligible to report in April DY5 and they were estimated to be paid 100% of DY5 funds or 100% of remaining DY4 funds. The Category 3 estimated payments are considerable overestimates due to this approach. (posted 5/12/16)

Combining DSRIP Projects

As part of the waiver extension, HHSC is streamlining the DSRIP program to lessen the administrative burden on providers while focusing on collecting the most important types of information.  Toward this goal, providers may request to combine certain DSRIP projects into a single project for the waiver extension (demonstration year (DY) 6 to DY10). The combined project would begin reporting in the transition year (DY6). Projects that may combine include cross-regional community mental health center (CMHC) projects; similar projects by the same provider within one region; or similar projects by different providers within the same health system and region.

DSRIP Project Payment Summaries

Please find links below to the project payment summaries. Note that these are the official payment files and may not match the amounts included in the DSRIP Online Reporting System. HHSC is working with the vendor to update the DSRIP Online Reporting System to reflect these amounts, but there is no target completion date yet.

DY2 - April DY3 Project Payment Summary (XLSM) (posted 5/15/15)

October DY3 Project Payment Summary (XLMS) (posted 5/15/15)

April DY4 Project Payment Summary (XLSM) (posted 7/31/15)

October DY4 Project Payment Summary (XLSM) (posted 1/13/16)

DSRIP Provider and Project Reporting Summaries

Please find links below to the provider and project reporting summaries. The Provider Summaries provide a high-level narrative overview of the status of all of a provider's DSRIP projects. The Project Summaries provide project-level status information related to a specific project's accomplishments, challenges, lessons learned, etc. Both summary files contain information from the October DY2 through October DY4 reporting periods.

DSRIP Provider Reporting Summary Oct DY2 - October DY4 (XLSX) (posted 3/2/16)

DSRIP Project Reporting Summary Oct DY2 - October DY4 (XLSX) (posted 3/2/16)

Anchor Administrative Cost Claiming

The documents linked to below will assist with claiming of Anchor administrative costs.

Updated DSRIP Protocols

The document below contains the following updated items approved by CMS: 1115 Waiver Standard Terms & Conditions, Program Funding and Mechanics Protocol, RHP Planning Protocol and Anchor Administrative Claiming Protocol.

1115 Waiver STCs, PFM, RHP Planning Protocol, Anchor Admin Claiming

Category 3

The documents below relate to Category 3 outcome measures. Cat 3 outcome specific information can be found in the Compendium of Category 3 Measures.


  • List of Recommended QPI Metrics by Project Option: HHSC is providing a list of recommended Quantifiable Patient Impact (QPI) metrics (PDF) (posted 7/8/2013) to help guide completion of the QPI spreadsheet in Phase II and future RHP Plan submissions.


Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) Planning Protocol

CMS has granted final approval (PDF) of this Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) Planning Protocol document (PDF). This document was updated Oct. 1, 2012, to include minor technical corrections (PDF). The protocol provides the menu of project options approved by HHSC and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) that contribute to delivery transformation and quality improvement. The only projects eligible for payments from the DSRIP pool are those contained in this menu that are implemented as outlined in an RHP Plan approved by HHSC and CMS, with corresponding measures, milestones and performance improvement targets. The links below open individual sections of the approved protocol and include the Oct. 1, 2012 technical corrections.

DSRIP Allocation:

Regional Healthcare Partnership (RHP) Plan Template:

Regional Healthcare Partnership Information:

Other Planning Tools:

Each regional healthcare partnership must submit a plan to HHSC. The following documents are intended to help with the planning process.

Other HHSC Guidelines: