Who Do You Trust to Go With Your Child?

Parents or guardians who are not able to go with their children on rides to Medicaid-related visits to the doctor, dentist, or therapist must fill out a Parent Authorization Form (PDF) and send it in. The form identifies which adults are authorized by the parent to go with the child on rides to Medicaid-related health visits when the parent can’t make the trip. The adult selected by the parent cannot be a provider, an employee of the provider or paid by the provider. If you have questions or need a form sent to you, please call the Medical Transportation Program at 1-877-633-8747.

Remember, if you set up a ride through the Medical Transportation Program, the adult must be present when the child is picked up and dropped off. That person must show a photo ID to the driver and sign the driver's log.

Nursing Home Transition to STAR+PLUS Moved to 2015

To allow more time to address stakeholder concerns, HHSC has postponed moving nursing facility residents into STAR+PLUS Medicaid managed care to March 1, 2015. HHSC will continue working with stakeholders to ensure a successful transition. HHSC is hosting a series of information sessions on several Medicaid managed care initiatives. Visit the Medicaid Managed Care Initiatives page for more information, including frequently asked questions, timelines and maps.

Texas Identification Number Conversion

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts has converted all Texas Identification Numbers (TIN) based on a Social Security number to a new format. The new numbers begin with a 7 followed by a randomly assigned number. State agencies will be able to look up vendors using both the new and old numbers so it’s not necessary for a vendor to know its new number. Businesses with a TIN based on their Employer Identification Number are not affected by this conversion.

Drug refill policy is changing

You now need to use 90 percent of some drugs before you can get a refill. If it looks like you will run out of your drugs sooner, talk to your doctor or pharmacist right away. If you have questions, call 1-800-335-8957. When you call, pick a language and then press 6. Ask to talk with a regional pharmacist.

Informal Dispute Resolution for Assisted Living Facilities

HHSC will work with stakeholders to develop rules for an informal dispute resolution process for assisted living facilities. HHSC is posting a notice in the Texas Register (PDF) that explains that process and how to become involved.   

Apply Online for Texas Women’s Health Program

The Texas Women’s Health Program provides low-income women with family planning services, related health screenings, and birth control. Women can now apply online at the Women’s Health Program website.

HHSC Submits Sunset Self-Evaluation

HHSC has submitted its self-evaluation report to the Sunset Advisory Commission. The state's five health and human services agencies will be under Sunset review over the next two years.

IMPROVE Gives New Voice to Providers

Attention Medicaid Providers: HHSC wants to hear from you. Do you have an idea, issue, concern, or suggestion about Texas Medicaid?  If so, check out the IMPROVE system.

Information for grandparents raising grandkids

HHSC has a new booklet about the benefits available to grandparents raising their grandchildren. The booklet is available at HHSC benefit offices throughout the state and can be downloaded and printed using your computer. Download the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren brochure (PDF)

PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view.

You can report suspected waste, fraud or abuse in health and human services programs to the HHSC Office of Inspector General online or by calling 800-436-6184. You may also make a report to the Texas State Auditor's Office by calling 800-TX-AUDIT.

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